Winter Session

Prepare for Success

Winter Session online courses will require a significant time commitment. Students need to be prepared to spend up to four hours a day (excluding Christmas and New Year) and some weekends in order to successfully complete the course.

New to Blackboard Learn?

If you are a WSU Pullman, Vancouver, Spokane, or Tri-Cities student and haven't taken an online course in Blackboard Learn, explore a course space at Select "Non-WSU sign-in Here" and log in with:

  • Username: wsustudent
  • Password: wsustudent

Start your coursework early, and log in often

You will have access to your course space beginning Nov. 3. There are activities and readings that can and should be completed prior to the official start date of your Winter Session course.

Prior to the first day of your Winter Session course:

  • Read the syllabus thoroughly.
  • Note the required materials and make sure you acquire the textbooks from The Bookie at least two weeks before the course begins. Order textbooks online at (choose The Bookie Global Campus/Winter Session) or purchase them at The Bookie on the Pullman campus.
  • Familiarize yourself with the course schedule and/or study plan.
  • Participate in any introductory activities suggested in the course space.
  • Begin the readings and any other “preparation” activities indicated as soon as possible.
  • The Course Information page in your course provides instructions and information on a variety of topics such as "how to use the discussion board."
  • Review the minimum Technical Requirements to help reduce potential technical problems, and make sure your computer system meets the requirements.

Utilize the Virtual Mentor in your course

Each Winter Session course has a virtual mentor who will be working in the course space beginning November 3. The role of the virtual mentor is to help students navigate the online course space. They assist with logistical/technical issues, provide tips and resources for success, and offer clarification and guidance in non-content related areas. Virtual mentors are not instructors or teaching assistants.

Time Management

  • Follow the course schedule and create a detailed timeline or outline of all required activities to make sure that deadlines are met.
  • Focus on first things first. It helps to take assignments one at a time.
  • Get started on assignments early.
  • Use available resources such as WSU Libraries.

First day of your Winter Session course

Your instructor will be participating in the course space on the first day of your course. The 6-week courses begin on Saturday, Nov. 18 (the first day of Thanksgiving break), and the 3-week courses begin on Saturday, Dec. 16.

  • Read the "Questions for Instructor" and "Announcements from the Instructor" forums every day to see new information, answers to questions from others, or clarification about the course materials and activities. If you aren't sure about something and can't find the information, post your question to the "Questions for Instructor" discussion forum.

Be sure to take care of yourself

  • Ask for help from family, friends, colleagues, and others as needed to relieve you of extra activities during this time.
  • As best you can, strive to maintain a balance with the other priorities in your life. Visit WSU Wellbeing for tips and strategies.
  • Stay positive and focused on your accomplishments as you work through the course content.

3-week courses:
Dec. 16, 2017 - Jan. 7, 2018

6-week courses:
Nov. 18, 2017 - Jan. 7, 2018
(Break from Dec. 10 - 16)

You can enroll in only one Winter Session course.

Register early. Access your online course as early as Nov. 3!

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